Faded Granduer, a trip down memory lane – our Brighton weekend

Last weekend we visited the seaside – a good friend was having a birthday bash so we thought that we would combine a celebration and take a trip back in time.

My mum was from Brighton and I spent many a happy holiday on the beach and exploring the antique and quirky shops in the Lanes.

We stayed in the Grand Hotel – situated  right on the seafront between the two piers. The hotel has recently had a re-vamp to restore it to splendour – there is still some work to be done but the décor was beautiful and very “grand” with sweeping staircases and chandeliers.

One thing that I had wanted to do since my mum passed away 3 years ago was to take part of her back to her beloved Brighton beach – she spent many a happy summer sunbathing.  My father used to take the train to court her before they got married, and one of my favourite photos of my parents is of them on the seafront.
So when we arrived and had settled in I stood on Brighton beach and scattered some of my parents ashes back where they were always happy. It was a sad moment but something that I am so glad I did.
Most of the weekend was spent roaming around the Lanes, drinking coffee and sipping cocktails – many of the antique shops I remember have since been replaced with high-street chains but there were still a few quirky ones left.
My final mission was to visit the town hall – my Grandfather was Lord Mayor of Brighton in 1935 so I wanted to see if I could find out where he would have served his term.
Edward Denne 1935-36
Brighton has changed a lot since I was last there – more generic shops, late night hen and stag parties, but it still has an appeal – a faded grandeur that shows signs of the glamour it once had when my grandfather, my parents and the very chic couple who are one of my favourite style icons owned a house beside the sea.
It was lovely to take a trip back in time and re-live some child hood memories – and have laid my parents to rest.

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