Fabulous Miss K gets fit!!

For a long time if the vintage frocks have got a little snug it has been an easy task to cut a few calories, dance a bit harder at the weekend and with all the running around I do the few pounds soon come off.

But now as I am technically middle aged it doesn’t work that way, the weight is staying on regardless of what I eat and due to the fact that I have been immobile for about 8 weeks due to the crash more than a few of my favourite vintage outfits are too small and no amount of shape wear or moving the buttons across is going to make a difference!!

So the time has come for action – enter Hyde Johnson Personal Training and Group Fitness – a good friend of mine qualified as a personal trainer in her younger days but put it on hold for her family and now as they are grown up she has gone back to it – re-training and earning Grade Three Personal Training qualification and is registered with the Keep Fit Association and EDMP – Exercise Movement and Dance Partnership. She is now offering personalised fitness and diet programs on a one to one basis.

Working along the principals of Rudolph Laban who in true vintage style developed his fitness regime in the 1930’s – you can read about his methods here.

A whole new shopping experience was in order – I had no idea that buying trainers was such a chore and why are they so expensive for something so UGLY!!

Monday morning bright and early I headed to Waterloo Park for my first training session. We took it easy to begin with as my ribs are still healing and I am stiff from sitting around.
But with a mixture of slow jogging, walking and squats and lunches along with a little bit of weights for the arms my body had its first workout in weeks!!
Carmen also gives advice on nutrition and healthy eating so workout over I headed home with my eating and exercise plan ready to take on the day.
Post work out brunch – eggs and green tea.
Carmen offers one to one personal training sessions £30 per hour, Small group sessions up to 4 people £10 per person or group fitness classes £5-7 per person – up to 30 people – contact her by email – carmenhydejohnson@gmail.com
Looking forward to continuing my fitness programme and getting back in to my vintage favourites.

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