Get ready for the new season -how to get set for Autumn

Autumn is just around the corner and I do love Autumn clothes – that time when it is not quite time for full on winter coats but you can layer up with sweaters over dresses and coloured tights with your summer frocks. So how do I go about planning my Autumn look?

I always start by taking inspiration from the catwalk trends – as I have said many times before I am no fashion victim but I do like to look current and as there is always a blast from the past with fashion vintage is a perfect way to incorporate a vintage look with a modern twist.


Loving a bit of camel and boho lux, blue and deep reds, feathers and fur are going to feature in my wardrobe this season!!

Next I take a look at what I have in my wardrobe that will work with my inspiration and see how many outfits I can put together from my existing pieces and as it is always fun to shop and add new items each season I make a list of “must haves” to update my wardrobe for the coming season.


kokka 002

Keep a style note book with ideas, clothes, outfits and ideas you love to give you inspiration.


So on my shopping list is:

  • A camel coat – I have always wanted one but never actually bought one so Ebay and charity shop hunt is in full force – I would love a classic belted one but being short and with a┬ábig bust a 3/4 length pea coat style is better for me.
  • Suede suede and suede – skirt, jacket and waistcoat will all be heading to my wardrobe this season??
  • Boho print maxi dress – to wear during the day with layers of sweaters, flats or boots, then add a heel to take me into the evening.
  • Something blue and teal – I am having a bit of a blue moment right now in both my fashion and home!!
  • Sweaters – my favourite looks at the moment is mixing chunky knits with skirts or belted cardigans over floaty dresses.
  • A touch of the 60’s A line – in a monochrome or fun print
  • Tweed – love a bit of classic check but made quirky so not to look frumpy.
  • Hard to wear but I do fancy a bit of orange and yellow this season too – maybe in something simple like a bag or tights to add just a touch of the colour??

Hopefully I will add these classics to my wardrobe this season – I will as I always do look for shapes and style is in colours that won’t date so I can mix them in with pieces that I currently own and take me trough season after season.

Watch this space for outfits into Autumn coming soon – BTW I have just bought a tripod so will be experimenting with getting great photos of my styling for the season!!


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