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Just a sneak peek!!

One thing I love about my job is that I get to create amazing images with extremely talented photographers, make-up artists, hairdressers and models – finding inspiration in magazines, websites, articles and features, films and the clothes themselves “talk” sometimes too!!

My mind is constantly stimulated and ideas for future shoots just seem to keep coming – you wouldn’t believe the amount of tear sheets, photographs and film clips that at some point will turn themselves into a fashion spread!! I have lost track of how many times photographer friends and I have said – “we must do this!!”” – the list continues to grow??

Now that I am working on a vintage fashion magazine it will give me a chance to put some of these ideas in to print or digitally print at least!!

Recently I have worked on two amazing shoots both for Norwich Fashion Week – every year they put together a mini mag as a guide to all the events for the week and each main show is featured so the first one was for The Vintage Show on Sunday 13th March – the images are all under wraps for the moment but I can share a behind the scenes with you for now!!

Just a sneak peek!!

Just a sneak peek!!

Photographer: Kerry Curl and clothes from Goldfinch Vintage

A few days later Kerry and I were back in action for another shoot – again very much under wraps for now – we are a very secretive lot at Norwich Fashion Week!! But I can tell you it involves museums, models and one of my favourite things shoes??!!

So once again a sneak peek at the what went on while shooting, it was really good fun this one as my legs will feature in some of the images coming to social media very soon!!

Photo - Kerry Curl

Photo – Kerry Curl

Work is in progress for shooting the fashion spread for the launch issue of The Vintage List so I will share some images from that soon. In the meantime tickets are on sale for the main shows now for Norwich Fashion Week, many of the shows sold out last year so get yours here so you don’t miss out.

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