Fashion – the new rules!!

Back in the day Paris dictated and the rest of the world followed now although fashion still showcases twice a year and the high street copies the difference is  today we have so many options that the “rules” from Paris do not ring true as much as they did. So what are the fashion rules for today and do they exist??

Many moons ago back in the early 90’s I trained as an image consultant – learnt how to show ladies whether their colouring was spring, summer, autumn or winter, gave advice on what suited their body shape and talked about fashion personalities – classic, romantic, dramatic and so on. Then came Trinny and Suzanna and everyone obsessed about “What not to Wear” – don’t get me wrong they are some fabulous images consultants out there who do an amazing job giving ladies the confidence to wear their clothes well but I found that it was just to restrictive for me!!

Maybe because I have always been a maverick and not followed the rules when it came to anything much at all, being told I shouldn’t do something didn’t really ring true to me combined with a love of vintage, fashion and not wanting to dress like anyone else meant that I went my own way.

I agree that there are certain styles that suit certain body shapes and that some colours that can make you look like death warmed up but sometimes there are pieces that you just love anyway so what the hell!!

So what if you love bright pink but it is not one of “your” colours clash it up with something that is,  buy it in a fabulous bag or a pair of shoes??


So here are my new “rules” for dressing the  Fabulous Miss K way……………………..

  • If it makes  you feel good wear it.
  • Dress for yourself and nobody else.
  • Wear what you love.
  • Find your own style and don’t care about what anyone else says!
  • Always add a touch of vintage to your outfit!
  • Remember that dressing up is not serious it is meant to be fun so enjoy it!!

What are your rules when it comes to fashion and style??


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