I Heart Norwich – the weekly shop!

The fabulous selection of food stalls on the market.

First and foremost I love to cook – I don’t always have time as both my hubby and I live such busy lives so it can be tricky sometimes to sit down to a home cooked  meal but when we do get a chance it is a full-blown affair – 2 or 3 courses with proper china, cutlery and a glass or two wine or if we really have the time a pre – dinner cocktail!!  Secondly I hate supermarkets – I will go if I have to but most of the weekly shop is sourced locally and independently as I possibly can.

We are not vegetarian but eat very little meat sticking mainly to fish, vegetable based dishes and cheese.  Norwich is a great place to buy fabulous food.

Much of my weekly shop comes from Norwich Market which has the best variety of food – from the freshest local fruit and veg, a stall with every herb and spice you can think of and some you may not have even heard of, cheese both local and international, vegan cakes, sausages galore from Pickering’s,  Asian stalls that sells everything and more to recreate your favourite take a way at home plus much more besides.

The fabulous selection of food stalls on the market.

The fabulous selection of food stalls on the market.

One of my favourite foods is Italian and we are luck enough to have a Carluccio’s shop here so I shop here for olive oils, truffle oils, the most fabulous Vino Santo. As well as this chain we have a great deli that sells fennel salami, olives, artichokes, the best gnocchi and fresh pasta and Christmas wouldn’t be complete without a Pantone from here – Ameretto



Italian Delights.

My other favourite places are Breadsource and Louis Deli – a bit of a walk from my side of town but well worth the hike!!

Two places well worth the walk!

Two places well worth the walk!

Just opened on my side of town is an amazing mini supermarket – now I know I said I don’t like them but this is not anything like your normal Tesco or Asda – full to the brim with Indian, Asian, Caribbean and much more beside – I could quite easily fill a basket with their exotic fayre!!



Where do you do you weekly shopping? Is there anywhere I should try??


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