Autumn Wardrobe Updates

At the beginning of each new season start thinking about styling up some outfits the wear over the following months.  So how do I go about planning what is going to be part of my Autumn/Wardrobe – firstly I take a look at the trends to what has been on the runway and eventually into the high street stores – I don’t follow trends but I do like to look current but put my own twist on the trend.

Next I take a look at what I already have in my wardrobe and start to create some looks from the pieces I already have and make a note of anything that I would like to update my look.  Then with my mental notes in my head I keep a look out for the key items when I wander around the charity and vintage shops – I don’t really think about hitting the high street as I much prefer not to buy into fast fashion but also I prefer the individual style and the thrill of finding a designer look alike for less and of course no one else will have the same thing as me!! When buying new pieces I always make sure that everything I buy will go with at least 3 other items in my wardrobe and each is a timeless so I can have it in my wardrobe for years to come and style it up in new ways each season.

I am trying not to buy too many new pieces – or new to me at least because I want to cut down on firstly what I am spending and budget a bit but more importantly I want to cut down on material stuff – I have a wardrobe full of clothes and don’t get to wear all of them so with this in mind I am thinking about doing “the capsule wardrobe challenge” over a period of time to prove that you can do it with colour, pattern and prints and not just bland neutrals.

So here are the new items I bought for Autumn and how I styled them up:

Burgundy wool blazer – Sue Ryder Vintage

Orange silk blouse – Wild Daisy Vintage

Orange Turtle neck sweater – Wild Daisy Vintage

Check trousers – Sue Ryder Vintage

Gold and Brown striped blouse – Sue Ryder Charity Shop Sheringham

Cream and brown A line skirt – Coast Skirt from charity shop, can’t remember which one!!

New blazer teamed with Gucci style pussy bow blouse, wool navy skirt from Retreat Vintage, boots Marks and Spencer, red tights Jarrolds from the existing wardrobe.


New purchase orange silk blouse teamed with velvet blazer from Attic and Seller, brown pleated skirt Lulu Vintage, orange tights Jarrolds and vintage shoes. Outfit 2 worn with one of my favourite skirts from Retreat Vintage and boots H&M from a few seasons ago.

Orange turtle neck work with navy wool skirt, M&S boots, YSL vintage scarf, bag Kooks Vintage. Outfit 2 velvet blazer and cord A line skirt.


Wool check trousers mixed with red pussy bow blouse, and 50’s sweater Lulu Vintage, vintage bag Top Shop vintage. Outfit 2 green velvet blazer Fabulous Miss K Store, my tee shirt designed for me by Morwenna Farrell Illustrations, Outfit 3 with green polo neck sweater and new blazer.

Mustard blouse with blue cords, and navy wool skirt.


Cream wool skirt with brown pussy bow and tank top, Hennes brown polka dot blouse and St Micheal wool jacket.

These are just a few ways that I have styled up my new purchases with existing pieces in the wardrobe. All of the new pieces will go with many more items that I already own and classics that will be part of my wardrobe for many years to come.




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