Slow Fashion Season

I am sure by now that many of you have seen the Stacey Dooley documentary and with all the social media on how fast fashion is killing our planet.  My love for second hand and vintage clothes started in my early teens not for any sustainable reasons but because I couldn’t afford the designer pieces I saw in Vogue so I found my own vintage versions and wanted to find my own style and not look the same as everyone else.

If you haven’t watched this – do it NOW you will never want to buy fast fashion again!!

Now it is much more wanting to avoid the fast fashion industry and do my best to make a difference in my small way.

With that in mind I have signed up to the Slow Fashion Season  – a worldwide campaign to limit the impact of fast fashion on our planet.  The target is to sign up 10,000 people that will buy nothing for three months so from 21st June to 21st September.

I won’t be buying any new clothes – I very rarely buy from the high street anyway but I am going to try not be tempted with any “new old” clothes either!!  This will be a hard task for me as I do love my vintage but I have rails of clothes so unless something is “to die for” I will do my best.

I will be finding more ways to wear the clothes I already own!!


If the target of 10,000 is reached worldwide  it means that 360 million litres of water and 1.4 million kilograms of C02 will be prevented from entering the environment.

Lets make this happen – commit to buying nothing new for 3 months and do you bit to help the planet – you can sign up here

You can still buy second hand or vintage but try to think of ways to not buy clothes.  We all have items in our wardrobes that we never wear so get creative with what you already have – you can read my tips on how to shop your wardrobe here

Or get together with a group of girlfriends and organise a swap party – if you all bring a few items that you don’t wear or don’t fit along you can have great fun trying on and going home with new pieces for FREE!!

In Norwich we have the amazing New-U Swap Shop where you can take your unwanted items and build up credits to “buy” from the donated items they have for sale.  Take a look and see if there are any similar shops in your area.

You can follow my progress on my Instagram and I will try and do a month by month round up of what if anything I have bought and how I have created outfits without buying anything new.

So lets see if we can do our small bit to reduce pollution and buy nothing new for at least 3 months.

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