Spring Trends 2020

Spring is almost upon us and our thoughts start turning to what to wear for the coming months but due to the fact we are currently facing a few more weeks at least in lockdown without the option to go out and wear the new trends. Like most people I am spending my time in either pjs ( vintage ones of course!!) or sweat pants but I thought that as I do I would share my favourite looks for the coming season.

I can’t wait to being able to get out and about so I can dress up, wear heels and go out to dinner again but until then here are the looks to go for when we can.

Straight out of the 80’s – acid brights are to go to colours.

Love this vivid green and I have just the suit for this look.
Orange is a hard colour to pull off but mixing it with a neutral can make it easier to wear.
Borrowing from the men – mix it with your jeans or over a floaty summer dress for the ultimate festival vibe.
Laid back 70s chic from Celine
For a great cover up the classic trench is back. You can pick up vintage versions everywhere.
You can’t go wrong with an iconic Burberry.
Chanelling Charlie Girl at Louis Vuitton.
Denim never really goes away but it was given a bit of a twist.
Casual denim is not my style so I love these jeans mixed with a white tux.
I love a good shirt and they were all over the runway from frills to classic tailouring.
Classic white shirt so simple from Margaret Howell.
A trend that doesn’t go away the 70’s offers us so many options for cool but very wearable looks.
Understated chic from Victoria Beckham and I love the colour combo.
The perfect boho dress from Saint Laurent.
A suit of dreams from Marc Jacobs.
Cool checks at Rochas.

What I like to do at the beginging of each season is take a little look at what I have in my wardrobe and see how I can re-create outfits from the runway.

Due to the fact that I actually can’t go anywhere in them anytime soon I will be playing dress up and shooting in the studio or if the weather carries on as it is get out in the garden and at least pretend I am doing something exciting in my outfits.

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