My first post

For my first post on my new blog I thought I would let you know some of my favourite style influences. Apart from the obvious Audrey Hepburn – which women with any interest in fashion and style cannot love her classic look, Jackie O again for all the same reasons but I adore the lesser known contemporaries of Jackie O – Babe Paley, Nan Kemper , C.Z Guest and Slim Keith. As I love entertaining, having friends and family over for dinner is one of my favourite things to do – these women as well as being such style icons to me were all great hostesses.

The amazing Diana Vreeland who changed the way fashion magazines looked.

Diana von Fusternberg for looking amazing for her age and re-launching her company later in life (rather like myself being a 45 year old taking another step in life!)

These are just a few of the women I find inspirational, on future posts I will introduce you to more of my favourite people, places, fashion and share my tips on how to get just a little bit of fabulousness into your life.
I hope that you will follow my blog and sign up, tell me what you think.

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