My Fabulous Job

The great thing about my job is that I get to play dress up nearly every day! What could be bad about a job that lets me go into shops and borrow fabulous clothes then create a story for fashion spreads. The only one downside is that I have to take it all back a few days later although I must admit that sometimes some pieces do seem to end up in my wardrobe!

Although we only have a double page spread it is a weekly paper so we are constantly having to come up with new and exciting ideas so my brain seems to be always switched on. I find inspiration every where and never quite know when it is going to strike!!
When I was fashion editor for Urbane magazine we had more fabulous glossy pages to fill I was looking through my old pictures and came across one of the shoots we did – it was shot in an amazing garden that looks like a tropical jungle; you would never believe it was in the middle of a city!

Pictures Nick Clarke Ekiko Photographic Models Sandra Reynolds

It prompted me to go through some of my archives – here’s a few of my favourites I have done over the past few years:

All pics courtesy of Archant Ltd, Models Sandra Reynolds Model and Casting Agency and Power Model Mangement.

The other aspect of my job is to help others look fabulous everyday – as a stylist and personal shopper I love watching the face of clients when they look in the mirror and see how good they look for the first time. It is so rewarding to be able to give someone confidence and make them fell great about themselves.

It is amazing how much a change of image can change your life – a profound statement I know but it really can make a difference. You only have to watch Trinny and Suzanna, or my new obsession Style Her Famous and Style By Jury on Sky.
If you look fabulous you feel great. Wearing the right styles for your body shape really do make you look younger and slimmer.
I’m planning a series of “How to wear the Trends” whatever your shape – so watch this space and if you have any particular questions let me know?

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