Orchids on your Budget – Giving to others

One that you should not do is giving presents especially Christmas and Birthdays.  People on a budget economize and nobly tell their friends and relatives they can’t manage presents this year and know that it will spoil it for them.

Your income is in bad way  (and attitude) if you can’t give a few presents, with thought taking the place of money.

Some of the most wonderful presents I have received have cost next to nothing – gosh presents (the kind that make you go gosh when you open them) are the best ever.

Handmade gifts  – a large fir cone tied with ribbon for those friends with fireplaces, pick up an old glass or china in charity shops or antique shops, find a decorative box and fill with sample sizes of beauty products or a basket with food goodies, make some cupcakes or cookies wrapped in cellophane and tied with ribbon.

Collect unusual ribbon, wrapping paper – use lining paper and potato print or cut stars and stick on. Scraps of fabric can be used as gift wrap, newspaper – especially the FT it’s pink!!, old magazines, brown paper tied up with string with a pretty flower or trinket attached. Making the outside look fabulous means that you have taken time and effort to make it special.

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