Mad Hatters

Following on from my A/W inspirations post,I love to wear a hat and Autumn is a great time to top of your look with a fabulous titfer!!

A hat is a must for the damp days of Autumn – if you have curly hair like me and the minute you walk out the door the style that you have spent ages rolling and tweaking goes into a massive frizz ball, don a fantastic hat you will look polished and stylish all day.

Here are a few ideas of hats I love…..

I am starting to put together a rather fabulous collection of vintage hats and am looking forward to wearing them of the next few months.
While I was out and about at Gressinghall Village at War last month I pick up a couple of really cute hats (at a bargain price which is even better), these will debut at Sheringham 1940’s weekend on Saturday. So I will post the whole outfit on this blog on my return.

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