Orchids on your Budget – Making a budget.

There are many more qualified to do budgets than me but the Orchids on Your Budget feels that the miscellaneous section that most budgets suggest should be cut down the most is the reverse with us.  As long as you have enough for the essentials this section should be as much as you can afford. Even if you have to cut down to the bear minimum on everything else.

“Miscellaneous” is the item that covers theatres. parties, trips and cocktails, permanent waves (blow dries now) and a Wedgwood breakfast tray set or the jewelled clip you saw in the vintage shop window and lilacs in Springtime.

What works best is to draw the “miscellaneous” budget out of the bank once a week and do as many of the things you want keeping in mind the days you have to cover.

Professional budgeteers minimize this item, true if but if your budget is small – but this section is the fun in your life and should not be trimmed – look at ways that you can save in other places – the coffee every morning, the sandwich at lunchtime, the newspaper – read it one line – all add up and could quiet easily be part of the “miscellaneous” that affords a chic evening purse or good bottle of bubbly.

It is wise to budget one way or another. It seems to be the only sure method of knowing what is coming in and going out.  Have a budget and follow it but be flexible with it and make very sure that your budget covers orchids!!

This is the last of the Orchids on Your Budget posts but I will keep returning to it with ideas, tips and photos of how you can have a fabulous life with out spending a fourtune.

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