New Season Inspiration

Summer seems to have finally said good-bye although it never really said hello!!!  I was hoping that we may have had a last mintue flourish of an Indian summer but I think that I have to bite the bullet and put the summer dresses away for 6 months or so and bring out the heavier knits and tweeds.

I love the summer weather but do love Autumn/Winter clothes – I love the chic and elegance of a tweed suit, a 3/4 length glove showing under a wool duster coat and hats!

Vintage clothes are so suitable for chilly days – ladies of a bygone eara always looked so well put together with a co-ordinating suit and coat. And she wouldn’t have left the house without gloves, hat and bag that all toned in.

I adore planning my outfits at the begining of the season, looking through what I already own and what goodies I can buy to make it feel fresh and new. I always put together a look book of styles that I like and want to wear for the months ahead.

So here are some of the looks I love ……………………………..

I just love the sharp angles of these styles – the red and black are so striking, adore the hat and scarf.

                                                                   So elegant!

                    I need a new winter coat so something like these are on my wish list.

                            A classic car coat, hat and gloves, also loving the scarf and brooch.

The thought of wearing fabulous outfits like these makes the dark and gloomy months ahead seem a little more bearable.
I will post some of the outfits I put together for Autumn/Winter and where they were worn in future blogs.

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