Style over Beauty

There are some women that are photogenic and look lovely in all their photos. I am afraid are not one of them!! I hate having my picture taken (although there enough of me on Facebook to dispute that fact!!), but I don’t take a good picture, my face is too angular and I have “the James” nose!!

One thing I think that I do have is a certain sense of style, and know how to look polished and elegant on most occasions.

So in this post I would like to pay tribute to two ladies who I admired very much – both of which were not great beauties but their sense of style and elegance is undeniable.

The first – Diana Vreeland, one time Editor of Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue, she had jet black hair, lips and nails always red, and immaculate at all times.

And I love this quote and why I love vintage and dressing up!
The second lady is Wallis Simpson.  Again sooo stylish, she had the future King give up his throne for her and lived the life of luxury in France, giving lavish parties and dinners. Regular trips to the Paris designers helped her with her style but it was still innate – she looked so elegant and regal.

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