Claridges Part 2 – cocktails, raindrops and nightcaps!!

Once we had taken in the wonder of our room, the doorbell rang – I didn’t realise we had one until I heard it??

A lovely lady appeared with a birthday treat for my hubby’s birthday

I met with Sarah from in the bar and over a glass of Laurent Perrier Champagne we chatted about the collection and my life in vintage generally.
Dashing back to the room for a quick change to head out for the evening – our first port of call was Bar American in the basement of Brasserie Zidal for a cocktail or two. It is a fabulous Art Deco bar and jazz club.

Feeling slightly squiffy we wobbled to the Palace Theatre to see Singin’ in the Rain – I did enjoy it but I guess that I have seen Gene Kelly, Donald O Connor and Debbie Reynolds do the routines so many times that I imaged it would be just like that but they don’t make stars like that anymore and I was a little disappointed.
After the show we jumped in a cab and headed back to Claridges for a nightcap – more cocktails (strong ones) and we didn’t quiet get as many pictures as I would have liked as some were fairly blurred!!!
The next morning we had a delicious breakfast but by the time we got downstairs the dining room was quite full and I didn’t want to intrude too much so I didn’t take any photos but believe me it was fabulous – a little silver tray with jams and honey for toast and even the tomato ketchup was served in a little jar!!!
It was a fabulous was to spend an evening – very good cocktails in amazing venues – the next time we go I promise to have mastered the camera and take a few before I get drunk!!
Part 3 – the outfits coming soon.

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