Claridges Part three – the outfits

We recently bought a new camera and haven’t quiet got to grips with it yet so I didn’t get as many fabulous pictures of our weekend as I would have liked (an excuse to go back and take more!!!)

Packing for a weekend is always difficult as you want to take enough but always need options as our weather is so unpredictable so I started off with a classic “town” outfit.

Fabulous Miss K suit, vintage hat from Little Vintage Lovers Fair, shoes vintage Lulu Vintage.

As I was being interviewed about my new collection I thought that I should wear one of my own dresses so here is the Barbara dress enjoying the luxury of our room.

For the evening with cocktails and the theatre I went a little more glam – I am always disappointed that people don’t dress up for the theatre anymore turning up in jean’s and a t-shirt seems like a bit of an insult to the spectacle of the place.
Vintage 40’s dress, shoes and gloves, Lulu Vintage, vintage hat Antidote Vintage.
Next morning after breakfast we had a little wander around tacking snaps of the beautiful interior wondering if anyone would notice if we left with some of the furniture???
Before heading out to the National Theatre to see the Norman Parkinson exhibition (more about this in another post) I snapped my day outfit on the staircase in the foyer.
Vintage dress – Wake Up Little Susie, vintage 40’s shoes bought at Hepcats weekend.
I asked Flamingo Amy to do my hair for the weekend, as we were leaving early Saturday morning she had to do it Friday evening so she had to gas me out with hairspray to make sure it stayed in. I think it faired well!!

I do look a little miserable in this picture but I wasn’t!!!

As we left the lovely Ian who did give me his officially title but I can’t remember but he said that he loved our outfits and that we “were Claridges” which made my weekend – maybe we should offer to wander around on a regular basis in exchange for a discount???
Claridges is my new favourite place and vow to go back and wear some more fabulous outfits.


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