Looking forward to Spring

Although it’s a bit chilly the sun is shining and my thoughts turn to the outfits I can wear when the weather gets warmer and I can leave the winter coat at home.

I am feeling a whole 1930’s vibe at the moment and with my “big” birthday celebrations this year there will be some fabulous occasions to try them out.

Finding original 1930’s suits is pretty difficult so I will be adapting some of my 40’s ones – the style didn’t change that much until later when Dior’s New Look came in 1947 so I think that I can get away with it.  Last week I had a couple of good charity shop finds though – a cute 70’s jacket and cream beret that will look very 30’s when styled with the right hair and accessories.

Along with that I think that I may have to invest in a 1930’s suit pattern to create some of my own suits as I have lots of ideas of colour combinations and styles I want to recreate. Being a designer I love searching fabrics, looking at trims, buttons and seeing how I can put patterns and styles together.

On my travels I am going to be on the look out for ribbon, feathers and scarves to tie around hats to tone in with my neutral basics.

So here is “look book” for Spring and I am looking forward to finding similar pieces to create the outfits for the warmer days.


The elegance and chicness of these outfits are so amazing I would die to get my hands on the originals but alas I will have to get the sewing machine out to create my own I think.
Watch out for Spring outfit posts to see how I get on. In the meantime what is on your wish list for this Spring??

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