Miss K goes to Court!!

Not for anything I did you understand but I was called for jury duty – not the most convenient timing as I am in the throws of organising Norwich Fashion Week Vintage show as well as re-launching my styling services (more of that to come) but I was interested to see what happens so I went along hoping that I wouldn’t get a long drawn out case that lasted for weeks!!

The first few days were spent frustratingly sitting around waiting to be called to a case in bad 70’s style room with no daylight but on the Thursday I finally got to see inside the court room to be part of a jury.

The court room again was a bad version of 70’s décor – I was hoping for dark wood with a judge sitting high up in  grand room – but at least the judge and the lawyers both wore robes and wigs so I wasn’t totally disappointed.

Of course lots of outfits had to be worn all with a legal, murder mystery theme were in order!! So this is what I wore for my week in court.
Day One.
Vintage 40’s suit, blouse and beret Lulu Vintage.
Day two.
Vintage 40’s suit – Retreat Vintage, hat 1930’s trilby,
Blouse H&M and my hubby’s 40’s tie.
Day three.
Vintage 1940’s dress Lulu Vintage and bow tie Retreat Vintage.
Day four.
Vintage 70’s suit from charity shop, vintage Richard Allen scarf and hat from Aladdin’s Cave.
The week was very interesting and I enjoyed seeing how the system worked but I am glad that it only lasted a week sitting in one place for hours on end is not my idea of fun and it did make me see how lucky I am to have a job I love that is varied, exciting and was itching to get back too!!

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