Planning the old fashioned way

My laptop recently died so for two weeks I was without technology apart from a phone and tablet.  I had to resort to planning the old fashioned way by scribbling notes and cutting out tear sheets rather than using pinterest and other sites to do it for me!! My life as a fashion stylist means that I have to be able to stay in contact and that is fine with a phone but actually writing articles, blog posts and other projects require a computer and but I managed to get lots of ideas and inspiration down on paper!!


Mood boards for various projects on the wall!!



I am working on a rather exciting project that is under wraps for now but all will be revealed for Norwich Fashion Week 2016?


Another thing I did rather a lot of in the evening rather than sitting with the laptop was to re-read some of the piles of books I have on every surface in the house – this one included the most amazing quote on “what vintage is or should be”……..


Alligators, Old Mink and New Money – by Alison Hootie and Melissa Hootie.



This lady is an inspiration in so many ways not just her fashion styling but her life lessons too!!


I also made a little road trip to London to see this incredible exhibition on Chanel – Madamoiselle Privee – documenting the “icons” of Chanel style and her history in fashion. Picked up a few ideas for another secret project for Norwich Fashion Week.


Just a few images from the exhibition.

Apart from working on ideas I managed to do a lot of the jobs I have been putting off for months – sorting out all my glass wear and crockery – creating a big pile for the charity shop, re arranging and buying a new desk to make working from home more comfortable, organising my wardrobe and practising what I preach by finding new outfits and combinations from my existing clothes.

Don’t get me wrong I need my laptop to work there are certain things that you can’t do on a phone but it was quite refreshing to have some time away from it so I think that at least a few times a week in the evening I am going to switch the technology off take some time out to pick up a book or spend some time in the mornings before I sit at my desk to do some of those other tasks that I keep putting off!!

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