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Another in my series of Modern Muses – people with style and who love vintage so next up on my list is my good friend  Kerry Curl aka Missy Vintage – director of Norwich Fashion Week, photographer, writer and all round creative lady.

We met up very recently over a bottle of fizz to discuss plans for the Vintage Show for NFW 2017 and as we sipped in the sunshine I quizzed her on her unique style, her love for charity shops and how she managed to project manage a whole house decoration along side running NFW, taking amazing photos of bands and other cool stuff together with a degree in photography!!

I also wanted to find out how and what influenced the her home décor as it has featured in many of the shoots that we have worked on together.

How did your love of charity shops start?

Growing up in a family that didn’t have the budget for expensive clothes  like me she hunted the looks she had seen in magazines and on Top of The Pops in 2nd hand and charity shops. Heading into her 30’s she was searching for her “look” when she discovered various vintage blogs which took her style into the Pin Up Style of the 40’s and 50’s. But the attention that this look generated was not for her so she re discovered her “rock chick” style from the 80s music icons she loved.

From her "Vintage Pin up" days - a photo shoot by Mat Keller Southern Retro,

From her “Vintage Pin up” days – a photo shoot by Mat Keller Southern Retro.


Who influences your look?

Top of the Pops had quite an impact on how I look – the fashion, make up and hair in the 80’s, Debbie Harry and other Pop Queens of the era, then came Diana Princess of Wales with the pussy bow blouse and power blow dry.

“The feeling of freedom and wearing what the “fuck” I want – I can and I will is my attitude now different and not in any box is my style code”.

Having the love of a good man has made me feel comfortable in whatever I wear as he has always accepted how I look and never criticised.

Realising that as I get older I will always be on the fringe of any “trend” or “look” but loving that fact and accepting it.

A touch of 70's along with her lovely hubby!

A touch of 70’s along with her lovely hubby!

Where are your favourite places to shop?

Charity shops of course but I do love a bit of Top Shop and the high street too. Mixing it up is the way I like to go with the odd piece from Primark but I do have issue with the sustainability and the ethics of the throw away fashion.

My treat if I get a 1st in my degree will be a pair of Loubies!!!

Who’s wardrobe would you like to raid?

Again influence by Top of The Pops of my youth – Debbie Harry, Bananarama.  I love the way that Alexa Chung mixes her high-end with high street and vintage but her style is not really me!

At the moment I am influenced by the over the top baroque and Versailles styles.

Which leads us on to your house – it is for want of a better word eclectic style – how did that evolve?

We both just let the house find its own way, we didn’t really have a plan but we knew we wanted to have a white living room but liked the idea of a Pop Art theme with bright colours, and a mix of styles of images.


Wallpaper from Jane Richards Interiors. Artwork Simon Pritchard.


Much of the house was designed around the wallpaper that we were introduced to by Jane Richards Interiors who opened our eyes to some amazing designers and prints so the paint colours and décor grew from that. We picked pieces and designs that loved and didn’t mind that the house didn’t flow from room to room but each had its own theme and personality.

The Music Room captured for a shoot for The Stylist and The Collector Vintage Clothing,

The Music Room captured for a shoot for The Stylist and The Collector Vintage Clothing,



Pop Art in the sitting room from Ruth Knapp, rugs in the bedroom and the bathroom with black ceiling.


The only room that we had a clear idea of what we wanted was our bedroom – inspired by the Chinese brothel scene in the TV series Peaky Blinders – so we found a Chinese Opium bed and carved lamp on Ebay for quite a good price we added in wallpaper and orange walls to finish the look.

That bed!!

That bed!!


Kerry manages to mix vintage, designer, high street and charity shop finds in both her personal and interior style resulting in a wonderful feast for the eyes.

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