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More in my people who love vintage – this time the ever stylish couple behind one of my favourite vintage shops Retreat Vintage so last week when I popped round to their house to check out the exclusive pieces for one of our regular vintage workshops I quizzed them on their love for vintage, and how the shop came about.

Like all of my Modern Muses it all started with not wanting to look the same as everyone else. As a teenager Joline started raiding her mum’s and gran’s wardrobe so when her school friends were wearing boot-cut flares with kickers she was dressed in 80’s peg trousers and loafers!!

When shopping with her friends in Norwich she wanted to hit the vintage and charity shops whilst her chums headed for  Morgan and H&M.

Dave pretty much said the same thing – menswear was on the high street was so boring and he wanted to be different – his first vintage buy was a 90’s floral shirt inspired by Morrisey and then an original RAF jacket and a love for vintage grew!!

Why open the shop? Joline always had a dream of having a shop and literally just before falling asleep one night leant over to Dave and said “if we ever have a shop I am going to call it Retreat”

The time came when they had to make a decision to take a boring 9 -5 job with a well know insurance company and have the safe option or opt for the scary going it alone. To begin with they started to offer their services as music teachers as Dave is an achomplished guitarist and Joline a drummer – they also started to sell vintage pieces that they had been collecting over the years and then walking along Magdalen Street they saw a small shop up for rent – on a whim they called the number and within 24 hours the shop was theirs!!


Six years down the line they have a thriving business with regular customers – myself included with my own Karen rail with pieces that Joline has found for me!!

Their house is the same mix of styles, eras and quirky pieces that shouldn’t work together but do – like me they have picked up furniture and accessories that they fell in love with and found a way to make it work. Including a round trip to London to pick up a fabulous 70’s leather sofa that Dave won for a great price on Ebay!!

A sneak into their home!

A sneak into their home!

Both Joline and Dave are so passionate about their vintage and it is such a joy to work and shop with them. They are so enthusiastic about what they sell and love to hear all the stories of the pieces that people bring along for them to buy and then pass on to their customers.

If you are ever in Norwich make sure to pop in and see this lovely couple!



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