Vintage Fashionista Portrait session with Missy Vintage

In a recent post I featured Missy Vintage who among her many talents is a fabulous photographer who as part of her photography degree has taken my portrait on a number of occasions the latest one was a few days ago.

Showcasing my love of mixing up vintage and high street and my slight obsession with Gucci and the geek chic, 70’s style that is everywhere.

We shot this in my dressing room which is full to the brim with vintage clothes – my personal collection and from The Stylist and The Collector all mixed in with fashion illustrations, pictures, books and accessories that adorn the walls and furniture as pieces of art!!

I love doing these shoots with Kerry and it is a great way to capture my style evolution over the years!! And now I am no longer a redhead it is interesting to see the change on how I look grey!!


In front of my “fashion collage ” wall – blouse and skirt vintage.


Dressing table, hats, bags Vogues, shoes and general stuff I have on display.


Both Kerry and  I have a bit of an obsession for socks and sandels at the moment - both from Top Shop.

Both Kerry and I have a bit of an obsession for socks and sandals at the moment – both from Top Shop.

We have other a few more shoots planned and I have many more outfits to showcase – so watch this space for more collaborations coming soon!


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