Style tribes – a review.

I have always been interested in how fashion and music have been connected so when I was contacted by Aurum Publishing asking if I wanted to read and review a book on Fashion Tribes I was interested to see it.

Flicking through it gives a really interesting insight to how music genres has had a influence on how young people have dressed throughout the decades.

Over the years I have worn a few of these trends and it was a fascinating read to find out more about how the “tribe” came about. Caroline Young – author gives detailed accounts of how music and very often the need for not conforming to the “norm” paved the way for looking different in the youth of the decade.


Fashion has played a part in history, politics and combined with music changed the way we think, dress and how the world sees us.

The book has a pretty extensive list of “tribes” – among my favourites has to be Harlem Renaissance, The Zoot Suit and Swing Kid as this is the music I actually love, listen and dance to, but I have a soft spot too for New Romantic as I was living and clubbing in London at the tail end of this, working with Vivienne Westward Punk is also close to my heart too.







Some are new to me – sapeur, harajuku and kogal are not ones that I am familiar with but interesting to read about,

This is a great book to flick through and look at the fabulous pictures that illustrate the tribes and I am sure that I will be dipping in and out of it for inspiration for shoots and ideas.

At the time of press the book is currently available on Amazon.


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