Back to books – my mid year resolution.

Last year my laptop died and I vowed to turn the technology off for one night a week and read a book or magazine but inevitably I went back to the laptop as soon as it was fixed.  But I am going to try again to not work on one evening a week but instead to curl up with a good book and make sure that I have a book in my bag so that if I find myself with a train journey or some time on my hands I can get in a few chapters or take time out from the madness of my world and find a quiet café or green space to chill for an hour at least!!

I have never quite got my head around Kindle as there is something about turning the pages and feel of a proper book that feels very special. There are many books in our house from novels to thick coffee table ones, biographies and even cook books so I really don’t need anymore, some how I can’t seem to resist the glossy pages!!  My Amazon wish list runs to £100’s – I just love flicking through the pages of style, fashion and interiors books for inspiration, learning about someone’s life and what influenced them or getting lost in a great story so it is my mid year resolution to start reading more books.

So the plan is to buy a book a month from my Amazon list for the coffee tables ones that I will want to keep and refer back to again and again, for novels and biographies I will check out the charity shops and find my library card too – there is an amazing one in Norwich and it needs to be used or we will loose such a valuable resource. Wandering around vintage and second-hand book shops is something else I love to do – very Parisian and the joy of finding an old or out of print edition is always a thrill.

Once a month I will do a review of the books I have read and how they have inspired, moved or which ones I love.

Which books do you love and what would you recommend I start with??



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