Spring Summer Trends

As I write this we are still in lockdown and sure when we will be able to actually leave the house and go anywhere to wear the new trends for the coming season but as I always do on my blog I though I would show you how I have styled up some of my favourite looks from the runway.

Not being able to go out shopping to buy anything new, which I probably wouldn’t have done anyway I have gone into my wardrobe and put together looks from what I already own.

Some of the pieces I have had for years, all of it is vintage or from a charity shop so it just goes to prove what I am constantly saying – “there is nothing new in fashion”. You don’t need to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe each season, you can re-work what you already own to create the looks. I have also used a few of the pieces from Fabulous Miss K store Spring/Summer collection that will be heading to the Etsy Shop in the next few weeks.

These are the looks that I love and have re-created.
From left to right and top to bottom.
Victoria Beckham, Victoria Beckham and Celine
Gucci, Gucci and Gucci
Marc Jacobs, Marc Jacobs and Celine

My versions aren’t meant to be exact copies of the designer look but an interpretation, taking the inspiration of the colour, cut and style of each look.

Jacket Attik House Clearance
Blouse Sue Ryder Vintage
Trousers Nansa Charity Shop
Shoes Charity shop
Blouse and skirt – part of a suit Fabulous Miss K Store
Blouse Sue Ryder Vintage
Skirt Fabulous Miss K store
Boots Ebay
Coat and tank top Sue Ryder Vintage
Trousers Nansa Charity shop
Blouse Sue Ryder Charity Shop
Trouser Pre-loved Kilo Fair
Belt from my ribbon box.
Ruffle blouse Fabulous Miss K store
Trousers Sue Ryder Vintage
Suit Retreat Vintage
Scarf Fabulous Miss K Store
Dress Attik House Clearance
Jacket part of a suit Ebay
Blouse Nicole Farhi – about 15 years old
Skirt Paul Smith – again had it for about 15 years.
Boots Ebay

Before you buy new pieces for the coming season take a look at what you already have in your wardrobe, add your favourite looks to a Pintrest board and see if you can create it with what you already own.

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