How not to resort to Fast Fashion in the lockdown.

The key pieces I will be workign with.

If you are trying not to buy new clothes it can be hard with all the charity shops closed but even if you need to replace something or want to buy something to make yourself feel better there are still ways you can shop without having to buy from one of the fast fashion outlets.

Here are 7 ways on how to avoid fast fashion during the lockdown.

1. Does it really need replacing – very often we throw our clothes out when they are only slightly worn or just need a button replacing. Can it be fixed – if you aren’t great with a needle and thread there are many You Tube videos and tutorials on line that you can learn how to fix minor repairs.

2. Do you really need it? In all honesty most of us unless you are a key worker aren’t much in the need for new outfit if the truth be told – if we have a hole in our jeans does it really matter no one is going to see it?

3. Ebay – you can find anything on Ebay and Etsy – probably be supporting an independent vintage seller and I know it can be a pain to trawl through and find stuff but if you are very narrow in your search you can find things quite easily. You can also set up an altert so you will get emails when something you are looking for comes up.

4. Take a look at what you already have – can you adapt something out of what you already own – now that summer is hopefully on its way do you need a pair of shorts – have you got an old pair of jeans or trousers you can cut down to make a pair. Take a few hours and go through your wardrobe you will be surprised how many outfits you can create just buy mixing and matching and trying to wear pieces in different ways. Can make things work in a different way – think out of the box – scarves or ribbon into belts, wear an elasticated skirt like a dress and put a belt around your middle, pop a pair of jeans underneath and layer up with a cardigan – whole new outfit created? Try lots of different options and take photo so you can remember them.

5. Keep and eye out for “virtual markets” lots of vintage, and small businesses are holding sales on social media – you just join in or following their stock on IG stories and message them to buy – they sort out payment via PayPal or bank transfer. You will be supporting an independent business and not buying into the fast fashion industry at the same time.

6. Borrow – can you borrow from you other half, or are you in lockdown with a couple of friends why not hold your own swishing party? Have you got some friends that live near to you and are in walking distance on you daily walk – sort out a few pieces that you don’t wear anymore, take a photo then you can set up a Facebook group – share the pieces you want to get rid of and swap, you can drop off when you pass on your daily walk keeping to the social distancing rules?

7. Can you buy from an sustainable or independent company, that has a transparent manufacturing policies or uses echo friendly materials? Or maybe from a local supplier? It maybe more expensive in the long run but if you think of it as an investment. Going for higher end item will mean it will last you much longer than your fast fashion fix and you won’t have replace it so quickly!

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