Life should be one big adventure!!

Recent events made me think that life is short and life is for living. As I get older in some ways I get bolder and don’t give a damn about what people think and just get on with life as best I can – but sometimes the mind is willing but the body isn’t always as accommodating – I can’t stay up ’til 4am two nights in a row and party like I used to, dancing all night plays havoc on my old bones as does the cold and the damp but one thing I know I am not going to stop doing the things I love – I may just have to take it a little easy from time to time?!!

I was sent an “Adventure Package” from TENA Lady who as you may have seen on the TV advert are positively encouraging ladies of a certain age to be adventurous and not let bladder weakness hold them back!! If you have seen the advert it shows a “mature” lady zip sliding to her wedding.

It is something that is more common than you think with half of women in the UK experiencing it at some point in their lives. When asked 55% of women said that the best thing about getting older was that they would have more time to embark on new hobbies – however many have been deterred due to their bladder weakness.

TENA Lady Pants Plus are 100% tailored for women  – breathable, discreet and comfortable to wear for everyday use, meaning there is no limit to what you can do. The new feminine design with a narrow waistband, neat leg cuffs and a soft finish hugs your curves in all the right places for a body close fit that’s perfectly suited to adventures and escapades.

I am not sure that I am quite brave enough for the Go Ape adventure but I am all for monkeying around and living life to the full and with my love of vintage goes a love for dancing – and I am not talking a bit of a shuffle from side to side here!! We are talking Lindy and Jive with lots of jumps, kicks, flicks and maybe the odd throw – well life is one big adventure!!


So I am ready to embrace life and go on many more adventures armed with the goodies sent to me in my adventure kit …..

Adventure notepad – to inspire and keep ideas for my next adventure, Mindfulness gift – a jar containing one mindfulness activity everyday, helping with mental clarity and helping to live your live your best life. Chilli chocolate, Chilly’s bottle – keeping all liquids cool when out and about and YSL lipstick – in a bold red shade for a touch of glam everyday!!


Package sent by Myriad PR on behalf of Tena Lady.


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