A month of Mindfulness!

As part of the Adventure Package I was sent from Myriad PR was a jar full of pieces of paper with “mindful” activities. The idea is too take out one of the pieces of paper for a whole month and carry out the activity –  Mindfulness is a theory that if you focus on the moment you can have better mental clarity, helping you to live your best life and allowing you to be you! The jar is from a company called Project Be More and I just love this idea. I have heard of “Mindfulness” and have read a couple of books on the subject and am trying to implement some of the ideas into my everyday life as my mind tends to wander and I am a worrier too so staying focused can be hard sometimes.

So my little jar will sit on my desk and every morning I will take out one of the pieces of paper and implement the activity for the day – I will put up a post on my Facebook and Instagram so you can follow my progress during the month with the #mindfulmonth.

I am quite curious to see if it helps me to focus more and give positive energy. Will share my thoughts in a month!!


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