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With so many of us working from home now and us vintage gals writing blogs and running small businesses from our living rooms or wherever you set up your office the  delima comes with what to wear – this has be discussed before in many blogs as I remember the lovely Retro Chick did one a while back and so did Fleur from Diary of a Vintage Girl so here is my take on how to look the part when working from home.

It is tempting to sit around in your PJ’s and however glamorous they may be it doesn’t really make you feel in the business state of mind. Wearing the right clothes does make a difference to the way you think and if are slopping around you won’t focus on what you need to be doing.  I am not saying that you need to sit at your workspace in full vintage suit and heels but thinking about what you wear may help you get more done?

So put together a few pieces that are comfortable to sit around in but are still smart enough to greet unexpected visitors to the door or if you have to pop out.

  • A simple wrap jersey dress will be easy to dress up should you have to out, with a jacket over the top or a pair of heels.
  • Palazzo pants are great one with flats and a little sweater and you can again add a jacket to smarten it up.
  • Have a few scarfs on hand or a couple of brooches that you can throw on to dress up your outfit.

As far as grooming goes nothing makes you feel better that a little make up – keep it simple a tinted moisturiser or one of the new BB creams to even out your skin, eyebrow, mascara and lipstick will make you look polished.

So by making a little effort you may find that you get some more work done?  Mind you I do have to take my own advice and I am guilty of sitting around in sloppy clothes.

Jersey dress Max and Co £29
Batwing jumper House of Fraser £60
(loved the 30’s feel of this)
Palazzo pants Rocha John Rocha Debenhams £32
H! Henry Holland Debenhams £40

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