Corners of my home

With a love of all things vintage for over 30 years you can imagine that Hubby and I have a vast collection of “vintage stuff”!!!

It is not limited to the wardrobe of clothes but spills over into all aspects of our home too. We are planning a little re-vamp of some areas and so I thought I would share with you a few of my favourite pieces that we have and will update with the progress that goes on with the renovation of our home.

My display cabinet that houses the ever increasing collection of china and glassware.
Our Art Deco lady
One of the G Plan units inherited from my Mum
One of a pair of 50’s chairs awaiting it’s revamp!!
Not quite sure what she is advertising – hair or nail polish?
The other G Plan!!
The fireplace with Art Deco statues – La Danse and Le Music – I spotted the same ones in an episode of Poriot the other day!!!
So just a few of the pieces I love and the collection is constantly getting added to that’s the thing with vintage you see something you love and you just have to buy it – can’t help myself???

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